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Axon ab
Plastics Machinery

S-265 50 Nyvang/Sweden
Phone (+46) 42 570 80
Fax (+46) 42 541 52

Auxiliary Equipment
Calibrators & Dies
Cast Film Extruders
Coating & Laminating
Compounding & Recycling
Down stream Equipment
Extrusion Dies
Film Blowing, mono- and multi-layer and Double Bubble Film Blowing
Hot melt Extruders
Intensive Mixing Machines
Monofilament Extruders
Pipe; Tube & Profile Extruders
Proportioning Units
Screws & Cylinders
Sheet Extruders
Silicone Rubber Extruders
Take Off Machines
Tarpuline Extruders
Up Stream Equipment
Wire & Cable Extruders