and complete full scale Extruder Lines


The extrusion process is one of the oldest methods of forming plastics and AXON manufacture machines for most of the processes as per below.

Please give us a brief information about your actual extrusion-processes and we will return to you with more information and offers.

The AXON Full Scale Production Extruders are used for:
Pipe and Tube Extrusion - Profile Extrusion
Compounding, Pelletizing and Recycling
Film Blowing - Stretch Film and Shrink Film - Cast Film Extrusion
Sheet Extrusion - Coating and Laminating
Reinforced Tarpaulin Extrusion Line
Wire and Cable Covering - Co-Extrusion - Monofilament Extrusion
Multilayer Film, Pipe, Profile and Sheet Extrusion
Color and Additive Masterbatch Compounding - Hot Melt Compounding
Bag Making directly from the Extruder
Recycling Lines

These basic extruders has a standard c/c-hight of 1000 mm. There are also low models for film blowing upwardly, where the extruders are arranged as low as possible direcly on the floor or on a reciprocating extruder table.

By extrusion downwardly, which is the case for PP-film, or double-bubble shrinceable tubes, like sausage casings and similar products, the basic extruder can be lifted far above the standard hight.

The size of the basic extruders goes from Miniextruders up to a screw diameter of 125 mm.

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