The Conventional Single Screw Extruders
The Process Supporting Extruders

The two series of AXON MiniExtruders and ProductionExtruders are both single screw extruders but the Process Supporting Extruders, Model PSE, are the more sofisticated versions with unsurpassed homogenisation technique, thus simulating the more expensive twin screw extruders. The conventional extruders are flood fed while the Process Supporting Extruders, Model PSE are provided with one or several Proportioning Units for metered starved feeding, thus operating like a twin screw extruder with the following difference:

A twin screw extruder is moving the polymer from one screw to the other while in an AXON PSE-extruder the polymer is moved back and forth in the same screw.

In this later PSE-extruder versions there are three more control parameters for adjusting the extrusion-process, mostly missing in the conventional single screw extruders of the flood fed models. We will be pleased to provide you with more information and details. Please just fill out the questionnairy with your name and address, mentioning this request.

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