Extrusion Processes and Equipment
from Axon ab Plastics Machinery

Auxiliary Equipment
Calibrating machines and Dies
Cast film extrution
Coating and laminating Extruders
Compounding & Recycling
Down Stream Equipment

Extrusion Dies
Film Blowing, mono- and multi-layer and Double Bubble Film Blowing
Hotmelt Application Extruders
Intensive Mixing Machines
Monofilament Extrusion lines
Multilayer cast Film
Pipes and Profile Extrusion
Plasticising Screws and Screw cylinders

Proportioning Units
Sheet Extrusion
Silicone Rubber Extruders
Take off machines
The Thermosetting Rubber Extrusion
The Tarpaulin Extrusion Combi-Lines
Up Stream Equipment
Wire & Cable covering


High Speed Propeller Batch Mixers
Continuous Intensive Mixers

Axon offer High Speed Propeller Mixers for cold batch mixing for quick pre-mixing of mixtures like for colour-masterbatches and similar recipes. We can also offer hot batch mixing machines for hot/cold batch pre-mixing of PVC-recipes in double-tank operation.

The AXON Intensive mixers are used for continuous cold pre-mixing of polymers, mixed with additives and fillers.

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