Calanders - Proportioning Units - Pelletisers
Roll Off and Roll On Units - Winders
Caterpillars and Conveyor Belt Take Off Machines
Calibrating Machines - Stainless steel Cooling tanks
Water Separating Tanks - Cyclone drying collectors
In Line Travelling Saws
Monofilament Godet Roller stretching machines
Monofilament Heating Oven

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For Mono- and Multilayer Extrusion Calibrating Dies and
Water Calibrators for downward sleeve extrusion
Film Blowing Heads - Flat Dies
Monofilament Dies - Multifilament Dies
Tube- and Pipe Extrusion Dies - Profile Extrusion Dies
Rod Extrusion Dies - String Extrusion Dies and Die Face Cutters
Wire and Cable Covering Cross Heads

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