We are the patent holders and original machine manufacturers of the

For Polyester - For Polyurethane - For MMA
For Epoxy with high content of fillers
For Polymer Marble - For Polymer Concrete
For Polymer Onyx
or other reactive mixtures, using liquid thermosetting
polymers and high content of fillers.

To substitute cement for plastics is a comparatively new process which is rapidly gaining ground in different fields, e.g. due to increased material strength and improved resistance against chemicals.

Advantages of polymer concrete:
1. The shorter setting time.
2. The increased material strength.
3. The lower weight.
4. The improved resistance against chemicals.
5. The lower water absorption.
6. The low shrinking rate.
7. The nicer and smother surface.
8. The simplified colouring (no painting).
9. Can at times substitute stainless steel at lower cost.

Assembly Kits:
We are also offering assembly kits for the dry mixer for special installations.
This patented system is capable of mixing a high content of fillers with a minimum of liquid polymer.
These liquid polymers are short time reactive resins, provided that a catalyst is added and some times also an accelerator.
The Intensive Mixing Method has passed a rather anonymous development as far as the literature is concerned. Although the name of the technique was adopted when the method was born, there is so far no official literature.
The Intensive Mixing of high content of fillers with liquid thermosetting polymers is a very interesting achievement.
This mixing technique is called "Intensive" due to the fact that the main mixing screw has a very high (Intensive) speed in comparison with conventional extruder screws.

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