Themelt-stream from two or more extruders is a Co-Extrusion Process. It can be two or more extruders of the same or different size and it can be one or more mini-extruders applied to a larger basic extruder. The melt stream can involve two or more different polymers and therefore Co-Extrusion is technically very important.
AXON has a large range of Co-Extruders from 10 mm Mini-Extruders and upwardly. Some details to be discussed is the Die-design, the Feed Block, the tempered Connectors, the Back Flow Valve etc. Our know-how is available by filling out our questionnairy.

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The Tarpaulin Extrusion Combi-Lines

The AXON Film Blowing, Cast Film and Film Coating Extrusion Lines for the manufacturing of reinforced Tarpaulins are showed on the Lay-Out below:

The process:
- The film is blown vertically upwardly, laminated in the nip to a thick single flat film and winded up on a film spool.
- The full film spool is moved to the lower right roll-off spool-stand.

- The upper right spool-stand is provided with a wide mesh glass fibre-cloth.

-The melt flow to the coating flat die is opened through the combi-valve and the film and glass fibre sheet from the right spool-stand is coated together by the coating layer from the flat die.

- The reinforced tarpaulin film is winded up on the same film winding unit to the left as used by the first step film-blowing.

For the manufacturing of tarpaulins we can offer set ups to a width of 2 meter.

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