The wire and cable covering process can be performed in two different processes:

- The inside the die pressure coating
- The outside the die vacuum coating

The first technique is used for heavy coatings and multilayer coatings while the later technique is used for thin coatings i.e. optical fibre coating. AXON is the manufacturer of both type of dies. Also multilayer heads are manufactured by us also for reactive polymers.

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There is a difference in the set up of soft tube and soft profile extrusion compared with rigid tube and rigid profile extrusion. In the later case a vacuum calibrating machine and a vacuum calibrating die is needed, eventually followed by one or more atmospheric spry cooling tank, a haul off unit and a travelling saw, while by soft tube and soft profile extrusion water spray cooling is used, followed by a haul off unit and a winding unit.

For cutting soft tubes or profiles in exact lengths a special knife cutter is used.

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