Flat sheet is manufactured on 3-roller calanders and Axon manufacturers these machinery up to a width of 2 meters with basic extruders up to a screw diameter of 125 mm with compact coathanger type flat dies with flexible lip.

The AXON 3-Roller Calanders are delivered for monolayer as well as multilayer extruder set ups. Co-extrusion of three-layer sheet is used by many producers with a regrind-layer as the thick centre-layer. An interesting 4-layer sheet is described in an AXON Technical Information that is obtainable through filling out the questionnairy.

Each roller has individual tempering system specially designed for effective heat-transfer along the total length of the roller.

Down stream equipment is also delivered. The most important is the take off nip roller unit.

There are surface winders for soft sheet and alternatively direct central shaft winders for more rigid types. For rigid flat sheet the guillotine cutter can be delivered.

By the extrusion of PE and PP sheet the calanders can compensate for chatter and shrinkage by the individual and precise control of the speed of each roller.

Co-extruded sheet for the replacement of PVC for vacuumformed food packaging is made by PS with an inner layer of PET as the barrier against grease and stress-cracking. Also a PS centre-layer can be co-extruded with two outer PUR-layers.

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