There are two techniques of making film. One is the Blown Film Technique. The other is the Cast Film Technique. The cast film is more amorphous then the blown film which makes a difference in quality between the two processes. Also the transparency becomes deeper by the cast film process. Axon manufactures machinery for both processes.

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Please check layer-designs under film blowing up to 7-layers with 5 extruders.

The Cast Film Extruder Line differs from Coating and Laminating Lines by free-operating Casting-Rollers without any supporting arrangement.

The Cast Film Extruder Line consist of one or two free-rolling Casting and Polishing Rollers depending on polishing one or two sides of the film.

We are manufacturing Cast Film Extruder Lines both for monofilm and multilayer barrier-film.

Cast Monofilms are more amorphous then blown film and is used where an amorphous film quality is of importance.

Multilayer Cast Film is used for thermoformed food packaging and for medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Please ask for the AXON Newsletter No 19 for further details.

Depending on film thickness and polymer characteristics, the film line can be provided with a surface winder or alternatively a central shaft winder.

The AXON Cast Film Extruder Lines can be completed with an additional stretching-machine line for the manufacturing of tapes and ribbons.

The smallest AXON Cast Film Extruder Line has a 160 mm roller width. With an 18 mm or 25 mm extruder it is a perfect Lab- and Pilot-Plan unit and with a larger extruder it is used for Cast Film production up to a width of 150 mm. We manufacture these lines up to a roller width of 2 meter.

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