For Yarn, Tapes, Ribbon, Strapping, Brush-fibres, Fishing Lines etc.

Monofilament are made in Extrusion Stretching Lines. The reason for stretching is to increase the strength. Stretching up to 10 times will increase the strength up to 10 times at a reduced area but a 10 times longer product length then from the extruder-die.

Our philosophy is to run several small lines instead of one large line. We can do monofilament on a number of mini-extruder lines for less the price of investment in a single full scale set up. Furthermore, in a number of small extruder set-ups, we can run different colours and dimensions at the same time.

In a number of mini-extruder lines we can run different polymer qualities at the same time while only one quality can be ran in a larger full scale machine.

A break in a large full scale machine-line has serious loss of production while a break in one of a number of mini-extruder lines is only a part of that down time loosed.

With the AXON Mini-Extruder Lines one can build up capacity successively. One don´t need to make the total investment at once for which one may not have the sales capacity or market potential at the start up.

- Decorative tapes
- Fishing yarns
- Flat yarns
- Bristle-filament for the brush-industry
- Florist ribbons
- Packaging strapping
- Wrapping-tapes

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