During the last 25 years many valuable discoveries and developments on the modern thermoplastics has found an increasing demand on the market. At the same time they often claim for special treatment that has always to be fulfilled in the geometry of the plasticising screw. Important figures are the density, the molecular structure, the reology (melt-curve) and the melt flow index or viscosity, which all can vary a lot even within the same type of polymer whether compounded with other ingredients or not.

AXON manufacture the patented gatewayscrew that has proved to be able to solve lack of treatment in conventional screws. Please order our questionnaire for offering you our patented plasticising screw.

We are the original patent holders of the plasticising Gatewayscrew which is the only single screw technology that can simulate a twin screw extruder.

In a twin screw extruder the material is moved from one screw to the other while in the patented gatewayscrew the material is moved back and forth in the same screw, which will give a very good mixing and homogenisation, similar to that of a twin screw-system.

The patented gatewayscrew can be tailored exactly to the process or polymer conditions i.e. for venting of moisture in the polymer or to promote the plasticising as follows:
- Better homogenisation
- Higher output
- Lower torque
- Better heat distribution
- Elimination of frictional heat

All compared with a conventional single screw extruder.

The Process Supporting Gatewayscrew Extruder is provided with one or more Proportioning Units. Thereby the RPM of the screw can be increased for better heat distribution and better mixing and homogenisation.

Many old machines can make use of an AXON plasticising gatewayscrew. This is also valid for injection moulding machines.

Please ask for the AXON questionnairy and send it back to us with the order. We will then redesign the screw to a gateway-screw. This will improve any second hand old extruder or injection moulding machine.

"Click on the Image to see the patented Plasticising Screw technic!"

The GATEWAYSCREW Technique is also used in the patented


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