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The patented AXON plasticising screw is manufactured in a special rubber-design in order to promote the homogenisation and prevent frictional heat. 

The machines has to be fed with strips and therefore a strip feeder as illustrated shall be used. The silicone is delivered in spiral-winded rolls. The spiral-winded stripes are placed on a rotating table, following the speed of the stripfeeder.Also a pre-vulcanising oven can be supplied.

By the silicone rubber extrusion the extruder is provided with a barrel cooling system. No

heating is necessary as the silicone rubber generates heat during the process and this heat must be abducted. For more information please contact AXON Plastics Machinery AB. 



In this case the extruder shall be equipped with increased motor power and low screw speed gear box as some rubber compounds can be very tuff. The same screw barrel as for silicone rubber extrusion is used but in this case also provided with oil tempering unit and eventually electrical heaters with 3-point temperature regulators.

The calandered rubberslab is cut to strips and fed through the stripfeeder as illustrated



This picture to shows a conventional AXON thermoplastic extruder with an extra screw and screwcylinder for rubber extrusion or silicone rubber extrusion. Also the stripfeeder can be delivered to this setup. 

For more information please contact AXON Plastics Machinery AB. 


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